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Resources for Families & Schools

Available in English, French, Italian, Dutch, German, and Japanese.

How to Turn Your Multilingual Ability Into a SUPERPOWER

Paperback version.

It is often said that "multilingualism is a superpower". But is it really? This term "superpower" often seems exaggerated, and research results and articles that are widely spread generally talk about neuroplasticity of the brain, or hyperpolyglots. Although these are impressive, it can be difficult for the average multilingual (pre-)teen to identify with them.

This 40-page guide goes over three abilities multilingual multicultural children are unknowingly developing: creativity, intercultural intelligence, and polyglossia. Through activities and based on anecdotes from two real-life multilingual "superheroes", this book shows every child how to develop these abilities to the "superpower" level.

My Multilingual Diary

This diary contains prompts that help children reflect on and share their own experience of growing-up with more than one language and culture.

These prompts are quotes, results of scientific research on multilingualism, myths about multilingualism busted based on scientific research, fun facts, anecdotes from multilingual children around the world and more.


This diary can either be completed in the school or home language.

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Available in English, French, Italian, Dutch, German, and Japanese.

Resources for Schools (2 packages offered)

Empower your school community Package

* Author visit +  Pre- and Post-visit resources

* The teachers' guide.

* 3 fun lessons on multilingualism

* 2 webinars of your choice

* 30% discount on ALL books

Multilingualism made fun Package

* Q&A with the author

* The teachers' guide.

* 3 fun lessons on multilingualism

* 1 webinar of your choice

SPECIAL OFFER: Provide a video or written review as well as photos of the event for Yoshito Darmon-Shimamori to use in promotional material, and receive 8 FREE copies of In Search of the Lost Words.

Yoshito Darmon-Shimamori shares with your students his own journey growing-up bilingual and bicultural: the benefits, the challenges, and how he discovered his multilingual "superpower".

The main aim of his presentation is to make students be aware of the types of abilities they are unknowingly developing and how they can develop them into superpowers.

This presentation comes with pre-visit material to help students have a first approach to multilingualism, multiculturalism and the book. And for students to apply what they learnt during the presentation to their own situation, you also get the post-visit 40-page printable guide titled "How to Turn Your Multilingual Ability Into a SUPERPOWER"

This presentation is best suited for children aged 10-14.

*For in-person visits: Traveling (and accommodation) costs apply to visits outside the London M25 area.

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Author visit   (included in the "Empower your school community" package)

[Duration 60 - 90 min to suit your schedule best / Virtual or in-person*

Meet the author   (part of the "Multilingualism made fun" package)

[Duration 20 min to suit your schedule best / Virtual

Once your students have read In Search of the Lost Words, your students will get a chance to ask all their questions directly to the author, Yoshito Darmon-Shimamori, in a virtual Q&A session.

spirit night(3).png

(Offer included in both packages)

Provide a video/written testimonial as well as a few photos of the event, and get 8 copies for free!!

A way to empower your students is to show them that their languages and cultures are valued. Why not display in the library copies of In Search of the Lost Words in your students' language/culture?

This is why both school packages come with 10 copies of the book. (Of course, this is just a suggestion and you can use them as you see fit)

Get 8 copies of In Search of the Lost Words  for FREE

The Teacher's Guide   (included in both packages)

In Search of the Lost Words is a graphic novel that is designed to help pre-teens and teens explore their multilingual and multicultural identity.

This guide gives you ideas of activities to do with your class and tips to make the most of this book.

The ideas shared are applicable to classroom settings where:

- students come from various linguistic and cultural backgrounds

(e.g.: international schools, and EAL classes)

- students all share the same home language and culture

(e.g.: supplementary / weekend schools)

The Teachers' Guide.png

3 fun lessons to explore multilingualism  

(included in both packages)

Your students are multilingual and multicultural? This brings them a tremendous advantage in life. But what do they actually know about multilingualism around the world? Can they differentiate facts from myths? What does it represent for them to be multilingual and multicultural?

This pack provides you with three lessons that enables them to explore multilingualism in a fun way.

Each lesson contains: * A Powerpoint presentation * Printable resources * A lesson plan *

The Teachers' Guide(1).png

Webinars: All webinars are personalised to your own circumstances and needs. They last between 45 min and 1 hour and can be delivered in English or French.

For teachers  

Literacy through games: Cracking the code to read the new language or script, writing accurately, learning/consolidating the knowledge about the syntax, grammar and conjugation - Through games, these can be turned into exciting experiences for our learners.

Translanguaging: This is a teaching practice that uses students' full repertoire of languages to help them learn better. It is about creating an environment that welcomes all the languages known by the students into the classroom, and as part of teaching/learning process. Note that teachers do not need to know all their students' languages.

This webinar goes over the basics of this practice and give you ideas to implement across different subjects.

The Teachers' Guide(2).png


Choose 1 as part of the "Multilingualism made fun" package.

Choose 2 as part of the "Empower your school community" package.

For the adults in your students' lives

Lived experience: Yoshito Darmon-Shimamori, the author of In Search of the Lost Words grew up bilingual French Japanese in France. Maintaining his languages and understanding his cultures have not always been easy. In this webinar, he shares the benefits of growing-up in a linguistically and culturally diverse environment, but also the challenges he faced - the practical ones and those at an identity level. He explains what helped him on the way, and what he is doing with his own sons that he is raising with three languages and fours cultures.

Take this opportunity to ask your questions to someone who lived the experience of growing-up multilingually and multiculturally.

Multilingual literacy at home: Whether our children attend a school where they are learning to read and write in their home language or not, it is crucial to take this learning experience out of the four walls of the classroom. This webinar explains why it is so important, and how to do it effectively.

The content of this webinar will be adapted according to the situation of the families attending:

For parents/carers of children who have lessons in their home language, this webinar is the opportunity to learn how to make the most of the learning that is happening in school and apply it to the "real world". And for parents/carers of children who do not study (in) their home language in a school environment, this webinar will explain how to develop the reading and writing skills to close the gap between literacy skills in the school language and the home language.

30% discount on all paperbacks

(When you book the "Empower your school community" package)

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Empower your school community - £299

* Author visit +  Pre- and Post-visit resources

* 8 copies of In Search of the Lost Words

* The teachers' guide.

* 3 fun lessons on multilingualism

* 2 webinars of your choice

* 30% discount on ALL books

Multilingualism made fun - £149

* Q&A with the author

* 8 copies of In Search of the Lost Words

* The teachers' guide.

* 3 fun lessons on multilingualism

* 1 webinar of your choice

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