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Yoshito Darmon-Shimamori

grew up bilingual French Japanese in France and he is now raising his two sons multilingual, multicultural, and multi-literate. He has also been teaching French and Spanish in secondary schools in England for the past twelve years, and teaches mainly through games, team competition, and songs to motivate his students.

Today, he is an author on a mission to empower multilingual children through the gift of literacy. His aim is to make the multi-literacy journey fun, engaging, and motivating to every multilingual child around the globe.

Resources enjoyed by families and educators

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Michelle / Multilingual speech and language therapist

I totally love this book! The story is intriguing, and the blank speech bubbles open the opportunity to embrace your home culture.

It made me cry. This is my story! I could not talk to my great grandma (who immigrated at 16 because of the violence of the Mexican Revolution) until I learned enough Spanish to talk with her alone.

I feel this story deeply. Thank you.

Lauren / Bilingual homeschooling mum

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Anna / International school teacher

I love the fact that it is an interactive graphic novel! The story is gripping and teenagers will find it hard to put the book down!

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