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The bilingual book that will help your child discover their culture and write in their home language.
(Ideal for readers aged 10-14)

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When Anna is mysteriously sent back in time, she quickly realises that her family's destiny is in her hands. Luckily she is accompanied by her grandpa and ... Wait... He is only 8-years-old, and they don't even speak the same language!
Can Anna really fulfill her destiny and save her great-great-grandma?



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To be aired in April 2023

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To be published in April 2023

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Why this book

Representation matters

A bilingual hero:

Children need to read stories about characters like them, who go through similar experiences, to feel like they belong, they are "normal". This graphic novel deals particularly with the difference of proficiency between the different languages they speak and challenges the myth that a bilingual child is two monolinguals in one body. It also shows the importance of speaking our relatives' language to tighten the bonds we have with them.

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A book to discover with your child

​Transmitting the culture:

This book invites the reader to personalise the content by:

- drawing parts of the illustrations with elements that are specific to their culture and family,

- writing onomatopoeia.

This is the perfect opportunity to share with your child part of your culture ... their culture, in a fun way!

Developing literacy

A genuine reason to write:

If it is relatively easy to motivate bilingual children to read in their home language by finding a book they will love, it is often more difficult to motivate them to write. Indeed, they rarely have a genuine reason to write in that language.

This bilingual story is created in a way that entices the reader to write in their home language.

Why a Graphic Novel

An ideal format for bilingual readers:

Generally speaking, bilingual children develop more quickly their literacy skills in the school language, due to the amount of practice they get in class. When children grow up, the gap between their languages can become wider. As a result, it is more difficult to find books that they both enjoy and can read with ease. 

The advantage of graphic novels is that the illustrations help the readers understand more easily the story. When it comes to writing the story, it means that they won't need to write as much as in a novel.

When will this Graphic Novel be published?

Self-published book

What does that mean?

When an author decides to self-publish, it means that they are in charge, and responsible for everything (i.e. writing the book (of course!), finding the team that will help this book come to life (illustrator, editor, beta-readers, marketer, etc.) and pay everyone).

The Process

1) Writing the first, second, third, ... draft.

2) Proofreading by some AMAZING beta-readers who gave me feedback on it.

3) Design of a beautiful cover by my illustrator! (It is finally starting to feel really REAL!!)

4) Editing: It has gone back and forth between my editor and myself ... several times!

5) Final version: I made the changes according to what my editor suggested.

6) Illustration: The story and sketches are in the hands of my illustrator who makes the story come to life!! She has illustrated the first 20 pages of the book (That you can download by clicking on the image at the bottom of the page).

7) CURRENTLY: Creation of the Kickstarter campaign to finance the rest of production of this graphic novel. This includes shooting and editing a video + letting as many people as possible know about it.

8) The Kickstarter Campaign: Start on MONDAY 17th APRIL 2023. Please sign up to the campaign to be notified on LAUNCH DATE. This campaign will finance the illustrations of the last two thirds of the book, the printing and the shipping. There are many rewards planned for you that you will surely love! Check them out by clicking on the image below the text!

9) If/Once the Kickstarter campaign is successful, it will take another 2 months for the above process to take place.

10) Enjoy the book and all the goodies with your child(ren) and students!



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