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Empowering Books for Multilinguals

Multilingual literacy is not simply about the ability to read and write in various languages. For our multilingual children, it's above all about connection with their roots, identity, and independence.

The Mission of The Library 4 Multilinguals is to make ​this multi-literacy journey an empowering and exciting one - one that will help them explore their multilingual and multicultural identity.

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Making the Multi-literacy journey an exciting and empowering one.

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NOTE: Get the book in the version of the community / school language. Your child can then personalise it with their home language and culture.

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A Bilingual Graphic Novel for Multilingual pre-teens and teens

In Search of the Lost Words - A Bilingual Time Travel Adventure The perfect book that helps children explore their multilingual AND multicultural identity, and that invites them to write in their home language.

Blurb: When Anna is mysteriously sent back in time, she quickly realises that her family's destiny is in her hands. Luckily she is accompanied by her grandpa and... Wait... He is only 8 years-old, and they don't even speak the same language! Can Anna really fulfill her destiny and save her great-great-grandma?

A practical guide that shows you HOW to make Multilingualism a SUPERPOWER

How to Become a Multilingual SUPERHERO  is a 40 page guide reveals to multilingual pre-teens and teens these skills they have been developing unknowingly, simply by growing up with more than one language and culture. It then shows them how they can develop them into a Superpower.

This guide offers a quiz, anecdotes from two real-life multilingual superheros as well as tasks and challenges to shift the usual "Is multilingualism a superpower?" to "How can multilingualism become a superpower?"

Available in:

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A diary to explore the multilingual and multicultural identity.

During the teenage years, children try to understand who they are. Growing up with more than one language and culture can add a layer of complexity.

My Multilingual Diary  has therefore been designed to help pre-teens and teens explore their multilingual and multicultural identity.

Through a variety of prompts it highlights the tremendous benefits of speaking several languages and knowing different cultures, as well as the challenges multilingual teens can face.

See examples of prompts in the downloadable file below.

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The Parents' Guide to Raising Multi-literate Children

A step-by-step guide to teaching your child (or students) to read and write in their home language.

It contains 70+ games and activities that can be enjoyed in virtually any language that your child/student speaks already.

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