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Resources Pack

Because the time you spend bonding with your child is as important as its educational aspect.

Get editable & printable material to suit your child's needs!!

(vocabulary wise and language wise)

Sets of word cards and picture cards:

resources pack transformer image.png
resources pack transformar word.png
resources pack dinette image.png
resources pack courir image.png
resources pack chirurgien image.png
resources pack cheval image.png
resources pack dinette word.png
resources pack horse Kr word.png
resources pack run Jp word.png
resources pack surgeon word.png
  • 9 sets of cards related to your child's interests.

  • 408 pairs of word and picture cards

  • 1 excel spreadsheet to help you pick the right cards to work on specific letters and sounds.

  • 1 video instruction to help you use these cards effectively.

  • 4  Powerpoint games.

  • 4 video instruction to help you edit the files.

resources pack Chasse aux trésors.png
resources pack La bataille navale.png

+2 extra games

(not part of the book)

Powerpoint resources:

resources pack mastermind.png
resources pack menu.png
resources pack board game.png
resources pack colour in.png


  • 10  templates for various activities (treasure hunt, mastermind, guided colouring, etc.)

  • 1  board game.

  • 2 video instructions to help you adapt the resources.

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